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February 16, 2011



Thanks to the net, this plagiarism case is so well-documented publicly, that the legally responsible commission at the University of Bayreuth will not be able to brush the matter aside quietly without permanently damaging its and the reputation of German scholarship. If Baron Guttenberg is the man of honor he claims he is, he will assume responsibility and candidly confess the details, return his title and step back into the ranks.


Just pathetic and he is an embarrassment to Germany and the global scholarly community in general. Besides his questionable ethics, can anyone really be this obtuse at a PhD level? I am sure that almost every scientist has at least once in his/her academic career rephrased a few great formulations from a colleague and was a bit careless in respect to the citation. We are talking working paper, policy brief, etc. – but not in something that is published in an academic journal and especially not in your dissertation. In my opinion, anyone this dim-witted should have never received a title in the first place – so I guess that there should be further questions in respect to this academic scandal and it should involve those that turned a blind eye to such practices.

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